Our goal is to give children a really fair chance to live their lives with dignity.

15. October 2018


Wonderful surprise… This week I received a wonderful surprise. The dental practice www.dentalpro.de from Ingelheim collects the dental gold from the patients every year and donates […]
30. July 2018

A nice surprise…

Friday night… Last night I was invited by Höhenwind-Park GmbH in Koblenz. In front of more than 6o interested listeners Clemens Ronnefeldt spoke on the subject: […]
31. August 2017

New school…

First day at the new school... oday was the first day at the new school after vacation for our six children.heute war der erste Schultag nach den Ferien für unsere sechs Kinder. To their great surprise they were picked up by car and taken home again. They would have to walk by foota distance of more than an hour.
12. August 2017

Kenyans and their distance information

A small walk Today Susan and I went to visit another private school. To my question how far it is to walk, she said, a little behind the Catholic Church. Okay, that's okay, we need about half an hour to the Catholic Church. I put my sandals on and off we go. After half an hour we reached the church. We are walking quickly, on and on… Sometime I asked Susan again, how far is it?
6. August 2017

End of the dry spell…

...Land (water) ahoy This time I have 27 days, without arrival and departure day, available here in Kenya. I was allowed to wait for 16 days. Today the hoped-for visit finally arrived. Mr. David N. Muiru from the Rotary Club Nairobi had already set off early today, I think 5:30, to visit Home of Smile.
5. August 2017

There are some days…

There are some days... …you don't need... I had enough of these days until now. So I had this big plans for this trip but nothing succeeds. Meetings do not happen, without which I can not continue. Workers do not come or do their work properly. The new plumber seems to understand what his craft is, however, his reliability has potential upwards...
30. July 2017


Review... I got a general idea of what we have to do in the next few weeks.The water supply in the house still has potential upwards, some leaks, the corn is about to be harvested, many meetings want to be worked off, a lot of office work has to be done and so on. Thank goodness we got water delivered again at the end of the week. The corn has been harvested since yesterday.
26. July 2017


School vacation… Since yesterday our children have school vacation until 29. August. All children have completed their first term with good marks. Here, the school year is divided into 3 terms. 3 months school, 1 month off... or sometimes longer...
24. July 2017


a Kenyan Sunday... This morning we had breakfast very early because we walked to the church at 8:30 clock. After half an hour's walk we reach the church. At about half past nine, the service is usually started, but here they were still at the rehearsal. A man performs as a chorus leader and encourages the worshippers to sing.
22. July 2017


Saturday morning just before eight o'clock... I was already showered and had breakfast as I hear Susan talking to some people at the outside. The children were still in their room. Then the door opens, all the children are dressed, come out of their rooms and sit down at their table.
22. July 2017

Sharing out presents…

Sharing out presents... this morning I was allowed to share out presents... Dear Melanie Göttel in the pictures you can see the smile of the children about your full packed package with toys, coloring books and color pencils in all variations and many more... Many thanks in the name of the children
22. July 2017

Sharing our presents- part 2

many thanks to AMAZON CGN1 Koblenz GmbH.... here you can see the smile of the children about the wonderful english children's books and the Peak T-Shirts, in which they will still have to grow a little more :) And of course not to forget the generous donation of money... Many thanks in the name of the children
20. July 2017

Back again…

What shall I say? Since yesterday, I am back in Kenya again. I went working on Wednesday morning and in the evening I went on my way to Kenya. I have arrived well again. The joy was great as it was a surprise. Succeeded ...
23. May 2017

Kids for kids

International Book Day… The elementary school in our neighbour village Gödenroth had invited to a party on the international book day. People sung, danced, drummed, played […]
26. April 2017

Time’s running…

I have been back again in Germany for a week already... We got many things done during the four weeks in Kenya.

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18. March 2017

Clinton and Mark Kevin…

Clinton and Mark Kevin… are the names of our two new residents of Home of Smile. Clinton is 5 1/2 years young and Mark Kevin is […]
14. March 2017

It is moving forward…

Four weeks later… We have some news. The maize has been harvested, the farm has been prepared for the new season and now we are waiting […]
1. March 2017


Monika Korsch and Sven Rauscher… have taken over the sponsorship for Frieda and Brenda. Thank you very much both for this wonderful commitment to Home of […]
11. December 2016

Very special hours…

How did this happen? The high school / secondary school Willigis in Mainz had school party in September. HoS was presented by the senior classes in […]
6. December 2016

A good friend…

SBeautiful present… I received a beautiful present from a dear friend and sponsor of Home of Smile. He has poured Home of Smile in concrete. One […]
20. November 2016

Choir concert “crisscross”

Wonderful concert… I would like to thank our choir “crisscross” from Beltheim for the wonderful concert. With this chairty concert the choir celebrated its 10th anniversary. […]
10. October 2016

Birthday party…

Birthday for Home of Smile…. Stefan Steffen, a friend and sponsor of Home of Smile gave his birthday party last weekend. He told his guests that […]
29. July 2016

Great action…

Great news from my homeland … with this article I want to encourage all of you to tell your family, friends, colleagues etc. about Home of […]
4. July 2016

All beginning…

Hello my dears, after I arrived happily and tired in my new home, the preparations can begin. Yesterday I had a meeting with the team from […]
30. June 2016

Time has come…

Hello my dears… Now the time has come. I am sitting at Frankfurt airport and am waiting for my machine, which brings me to my biggest […]
12. June 2016

1000 km cycling through Germany…

Here is a short summary of a great action of Gaby and Klaus Piepenstock. You find detailed reports and more pictures on Facebook: Home-of-Smile HAPPY END […]
16. March 2016


TLast night…. I am pleased to accept an invitation. The “One World Shop Kastellaun e.V.” had invited me to present Home of Smile at its general […]
27. February 2016

Do shopping and donate…

Hello everybody….. Today I have a great hint for you, how you can support Home of smile with your shopping at Amazon. You visit our webpage […]
23. January 2016

Donation shop is online…

The time has come… Our donations shop went online. What does that mean? As of now you can buy products for the construction of our orphanage […]
1. January 2016

Thank you…

We, from Home of Smile, want to say thank you very much to you all for your great support and your confidence. We couldn’t make this […]
23. December 2015

Christmas concert of our music club

The best christmas gift….. It was an unforgettable evening, which the conductor of the music club of Beltheim Wolfgang Zorn and of course the music club […]
10. December 2015

The new flyers arrived

Thank you to the agency etcetera in Kastellaun… Many thanks to the agency etcetera from Kastellaun for the new flyer. Despite the hustle and bustle, so […]
26. November 2015

Promotion at Alphatecc in Simmern

on Saturday, 05th December 2015 it is that time again. We will be there with our stand from 10 to 17.00 clock at Alphatecc in Simmern. […]
11. November 2015


So, Since yesterday I’m back in town… It has been exciting and busy three weeks I’ve spent in Kenya this time. The best thing is, that […]
7. November 2015

A request…

An appeal on our own behalf… Today I am writing with an appeal to all of YOU… As you have noticed, we want to build a […]
23. October 2015


I’m back… Finally I arrived back, which feels incredibly good. Since Wednesday I am back in Kenya 🙂 It is an indescribable feeling when you are […]
26. August 2015

THANK YOU agency etcetera

What a surprise… Last week I was invited to one of our sponsor “agency etcetera” in Kastellaun. We sat together, did brainstorming and put them to […]
28. June 2015

RPR1 “My adventure” 12th July at 10 o’ clock

Radioshow “My adventure” 12 th July Today I went to Koblenz and recorded “my adventure” with Reiner Meutsch for the show on RPR1. The interview is […]
15. May 2015

Thank you

A big thank you to… I would like to say thank you today to a great patron, sponsor, benefactor, supporter, creative director and so on ……… […]
17. April 2015

Back again

3 weeks… packed full of new impressions and experiences I landed safely in Germany again. From the previous reports it is indeed arose already, that it […]
12. April 2015

Last day in Mombasa

Sun, sand, beach ….. and farewell Today was a special day. Daniela had invited all families to the beach. We had bought drinks and cookies and […]
11. April 2015

5th day in Mombasa

A beautiful day until… Today was a special day. Daniela had invited all of the families she takes care of to the mother-in-law of “Mama Kantana”. […]
10. April 2015

3rd & 4th day in Mombasa

More visits… Yesterday we first went to “Mama Kantana”. She has four boys. One of them is handicapped and goes to a special school, which we […]
8. April 2015

2nd day in Mombasa

New impressions… This morning we visited a school for disabled. This school is sponsored by an Indian from here, who has a large cement plant, and […]
7. April 2015

Change of location

… last day in Embu Monday was the last day in Embu. We once again drove out to take a look at an object, which we […]
4. April 2015

An exciting week…

… comes to an end This week began, as the previous week ended. Most of the time I spent with relaxing, bit of a walk, visited […]
29. March 2015

First week in Kenya

Warm welcome On Monday late afternoon I arrived safely. Although tired from the long day I was happy to be here. I was assigned in the […]
20. March 2015

Cheque handover

Great success he campaign of Rhenser Mineral Wells and the Getränke Quelle was a great success. The Rhenser Mineral Wells and the local markets of Getränke […]
8. March 2015

Bake sale at Alphatecc Simmern

a great success again… our bake sale at Alphatecc in Simmern on Saturday was a great success again. On the left picture you see the new […]
4. January 2015

Rhenser Campaign

Many thanks to „Rhenser Mineral Wells“ for this great campaign and the additional posters. Remember the campaign is still running the whole month of January. With […]
24. December 2014

Thank you

We, from Home of Smile, would like to say thank you to all of you for your support and trust. We wish you all a merry […]
13. December 2014

My first presentation was a great success. The audience were more than pleased with the event and found it entertaining and informative. Everyone showed great interest […]
10. December 2014

Great news…

seit Montag den 08.12.14 haben wir einen neuen Sponsor. Es ist die Kanzlei: Zorn • Sabel • Brunnhübner • tax consultant and public accountant from Dörth
7. December 2014

We’ve got new flyers…

Women power at Home of Smile The new flyers are ready. This was organized by Kerstin Jahn, my dear colleague. For Kerstin it was sure to take in hand the project „flyers for Home of Smile“. Despite her stress at work and the construction of her home she found the time to put everything in next to no time to the final. She has designed the whole layout, then emailed it to Mexico to her girlfriend Melanie, who did the graphics and then it was forwarded to Claudia, who organized the printing.
30. November 2014

Bake sale in AlphaTecc Simmern, 29th Novemer 2014

Bake sale in AlphaTecc Simmern, 29th Novemer 2014 Yesterday it was the time. Our first cake sale for Home of Smile was agreat success. We have earned... € 479,20. For this great result, a sincere God bless you.
31. October 2014

Hello dear friends of HoS,

Hello dear friends of HoS, finally the new homepage went online. Personally, I really like it. I'm very curious to see how you will like it. I already look forward to read your comments, saying praise, criticism and suggestions. Ready, steady and go!
3. October 2014

Pictures presentation „My pilgrimage“…

Pictures presentation „My pilgrimage“ with my motto „I'm off... ...for a good cause“ I host on friday the 12th December 2014 in the parish hall of Beltheim at 19 o'clock. It will be a slide presentation about Home of Smile and my experiences with and on the Camino de Santiago.