A nice surprise…
30. July 2018
Wonderful surprise…

This week I received a wonderful surprise.
The dental practice from Ingelheim collects the dental gold from the patients every year and donates the proceeds to charitable institutions such as the Kinderkrebsstation in Mainz.
This year the group practice Dres. Med. Dent. Braß, Steffens & colleagues from Ingelheim chose Home of Smile.
Dr med. Dent. Michael Braß was in charge of this choice.
Thus, the account of Home of Smile received, believe it or not, 3.138,37 Euro
Thank you very much for this great donation.
With this donation we can plaster inside the home and start the water installation. We are approaching more and more of the completion of the orphanage and I firmly believe that we will be able to welcome children in our home at the end of February.
Realizing this is only possible because many people help.
You all help with your donation to enable children to live with clothing, food, school education and medical care.
Thanks again to the team from:
Your dentist in Ingelheim|Von DentalPRO

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