The project

Home of Smile registered association is a young association with the vision to give orphans and street children in Kenya a new home. Initially this new home will be a home for 25 children. It will be built near Mount Kenya. That’s about 130 kilometers northeast of Nairobi.

It is very important for us that the children no longer have to starve, drink clean water, go to kindergarten or school, medical care is guaranteed, in short that they grow up in a loving home and can develop themselves.
Our project is designed to help themselves on their own. This means we create opportunities and provide advice and support.
Our present goal is to acquire a plot of land with a house, or on which a house can be built. Further they are supposed to run their own farm to be independent from the economic situation of the country. Corn, fruits and vegetables are to be grown and harvested. Also cows, goats and chickens are kept, surplus is sold in the local market, thus creating a source of income.
I visited other orphanages in the two months I was in Kenya and let them explain to me how they work and saw that it works this way.
We cannot cope this alone and need your support.

We can only achieve this goal with your help. Support us to give a better future to the children.

the construction phase

25. February 2017

Outside work….

On it goes… Last week the work continued. The Plumber has connected the gutter to the house. If now the rainy season starts, we can already […]
15. February 2017


Unbeschreiblich… I’m sitting here and read your comments on my post on Facebook from this morning. I am moved to tears. I like to accept the […]
15. February 2017

Official opening of Home of Smile…

A dream comes true… A dream comes true… Today we had our official opening represented by the Governor of Embu County Sir Martin N. Wambora. It […]
14. February 2017

Only a few days left…

1.5 days left… Our time here is getting less and less. Today, everyone has helped with all of their power again so that everything will shine […]
13. February 2017

Nice compliment…

…für diese Tour war es unser letzter Sonntag. The cup (picture) was purchased together with others for the orphanage Today lunch was served in it, […]
12. February 2017

Our last Sunday…

…for this stay it was our last Sunday today. Wich was as follows: As always at 6 am I get up, eat breakfast. The children are […]
9. February 2017

Only one more night…

Then the time has come…. It is only less than a week left to get a few things done. Sven will probably finish painting the kitchen […]
5. February 2017

No boredom…

It remains exciting… The last week was rough. Just when I thought everything is good now and wanted to take a deep breath, the next challenge […]
25. January 2017


Half-time… Yesterday Sven and I had half-time. And just like climbing a mountain it always goes up and down until you reach the top, this is […]
21. January 2017

A successful day…

Yesterday was a successful day… After a drought fertile comes back again… Yesterday morning I was shopping with Sven paint and other things. It was just […]
19. January 2017


Reliance…, to be left…. The only one to rely on is the team from Germany, Siggi and Sven, and the 4 Kenyan plasterers and, of course, […]
15. January 2017

An exciting week comes to its end…

Two weeks are already over… It was a really exciting week in every sense… 🙂 First of all, Tina left us after two weeks and returned […]
10. January 2017

An exciting week starts…

A successful start in an exciting week… Yesterday, surprisingly, very much worked out. The tilers came and did a super job. They have already finished almost […]
8. January 2017

We will be complete…

Sunday… relxaing day… or the calm before the storm…. the storm of volunteers … So the “Muzungu team” is complete now. Siggi (Siegbert Bauer) landed today […]
7. January 2017

A week…

Hello my dears,, we have been here for a week now. The New Year has begun as the old one ended. The first windows already shine… […]
21. November 2016

Short report…

State of affairs… Today I give you an interim report. The roof is still not closed, but there will be worked on still this week. Plastering […]
30. September 2016

Next step…

And on it goes…. After I got a pciture of the current status on Tuesday afternoon, I had to create a plan in the evening on […]
21. September 2016

I will return to Germany…

Now the time has come… I am sitting at the airport of Nairobi and waiting for my return flight. Tears come up, I do not know […]
18. September 2016

Time is running out…

Only two and a half days left…. On Saturday morning it was already a hustle on the construction site before eight o’clock. It was the first […]
16. September 2016

Roofing ceremony…

Roofing ceremony… Today was our big day. No one at the site knew except our comitee. At 7:15 am we already arrived at the construction site. […]
16. September 2016

It stays exciting…

Anything but boredom… that seems to be the motto for the final sprint. Yesterday we received the sheets for the roof, which were promised for Monday […]
13. September 2016

Beginning of the week…

Monday morning in Kenya… yesterday I found out by the way that is holiday on Monday. Who will show up at work?? First appointment at 8 […]
10. September 2016

It gets exciting…

Review of the week… On Wednesday I first went to the city to check the prices for the water installation. Whenever I’m on the road for […]
6. September 2016

Challenges accepted…

Great start of the week …. Monday morning 7:20, Susan and I are standing in the drizzling rain, waiting for a matatu. I ordered one via […]
4. September 2016

The crucial phase begins…

only 2.5 weeks left… on Friday we continued to work on the ring beam and yesterday half of it was concreted. We worked until it got […]
21. August 2016

Good news…bad news…

This week was tough… On Monday the final preparations were on to start on Tuesday with the set of the first wall series. This is set […]
14. August 2016

Weekly review…

That was the last week as so often it began with surprises. On Monday it was planned that we will concrete tomorrow. Targeted was Thursday. So […]
7. August 2016


The last 14 days… … weren’t really easy. Again and again, setbacks, disappointments and so on. For example water: We wait now for 3 weeks on […]
23. July 2016


So what… On Friday morning, I am full of joy to go to our property to receive the machine for our stones, nil. Calls, demands, then […]
22. July 2016

Organize material…

On the road… Today we were traveling the whole day by car to get the material. We were driving down on dirt roads for what seemed […]
20. July 2016

It goes again…

It goes again… after I was busy all Sunday from early morning until late at night with numbers and Excel lists, it went back on Monday […]
17. July 2016

A little story…

Today it is time for a little anecdote…. because yesterday the sand was not delivered as agreed and neither the ballast, I had the day off. […]
15. July 2016

There are days…

…that no one needs… And I had a couple of them recently… Example? Today planned: 9 o’clock connecting the water line, close the trench, finish the […]
14. July 2016

No hurry in…

It continues… on the bumpy road to the reality of the vision, my vision … I have to take advantage whenever the Internet and the tablet […]
8. July 2016

Slowly we are getting started…

No hurry in Africa… after we went to the property yesterday and discussed everything, it was all about putting it all into action today. This morning […]
7. July 2016

Emotional rollercoaster…

hamjambo…muriega…hello…hallo… a week ago I went off to make my dream come true. I’ve heard many things, from impossible over maybe and so so. My feelings […]
13. March 2016

News from Kenya…

I’m glad… …to show you new pictures from Kenya. Step by step it goes on… More than half of the farm was plowed. Since the property […]
3. January 2016

The plants are growing…

New pictures… I have just received new pictures of the farm. Everything grows very well. The rainy season was long and wet this time. We were […]
3. December 2015

Hardworking team…

more than 3 weeks went by already… time flies by so fast, but not without any activities. First of all I would like to thank most […]
6. November 2015

Does the weather stay like this?

Done… literally I am also done. The last few days have absorbed me quite complete. From Monday till Thursday we were on the move until late […]
3. November 2015

It continues…

Tired and satisfied… oday was a busy day. We have put half of the piles. Everyone helped. When you are not used to do everything by […]
2. November 2015

Next play…

A German in Kenya… It was agreed that I will be picked up at my hotel this morning at 8 clock. We had a lot to […]
29. October 2015

We did it…

Our property… …yyyeeeahhh we bought it. Home of Smile has its own property. The foundation has been laid. After long discussions, the seller has come to […]
27. October 2015

Step by step…

The next step… Today we were taking a look at a Shamba (piece of land) we had already been envisaged, but which was just too expensive. […]