First week in Kenya

Cheque handover
20. March 2015
An exciting week…
4. April 2015
Warm welcome

On Monday late afternoon I arrived safely. Although tired from the long day I was happy to be here. I was assigned in the same hotel where I was last year. A beautiful place to find peace. Tuesday I was warmly welcomed by my friend, Mr. Mutugi. He accompanied me here and showed me what and where I can find what I need. It began a busy day with several meetings and visits of objects. One offer was very interesting, but the money is not enough.

Despite many back and forth calculations and considerations we had to cancel. All in all it was a successful day with many nice encounters. At the end we had dinner together. Wednesday we were out all day in Nairobi. Here was the result, been nothing but expenses, which had of course frustrated me. Added to this it gave little power at the hotel, the internet stick was broken, mosquitoes annoyed me at night and some other things. On the way home we bought rice and paid a short visit to the orphanage from Orphans Life & Hope. Again, I was greeted warmly by Susan, Cathrine and the children. Jane, my godchild was especially pleased.

Thursday I had a day off, no appointments. With a matatu (minibus) we went to Embu. We had to do some settlings here. Trying to get a better connection in an internet cafe, failed miserably. A new internet stick for the laptop was still due. After lunch, I went on my way home. To relieve my frustration I walked the 9 km along the main road, which is not entertainment taxed here with all the kamikaze drivers. By foot, you notice the environment much more intense and I was greeted with a “how are you”, “hey man” etc. everywhere. Since almost everyone here speaks English, I had the one or other nice little conversation.

Friday I had an appointment at 10 clock which was then canceled at 12 clock. So it was time to relax which can sometimes be really good when you’re getting into it.

Saturday afternoon I was invited from a family to their home.

Agnes, I had met last year at the hotel. She worked there as a waitress and did a great job. We have kept all the time a loose contact on Facebook or Whatsapp. She was very happy that I came back. She has now opened a small shop where you can buy things of daily life. Her husband Martin, works in a hotel as a waiter. They have a 4 year old daughter, Tatiana, for which they would do everything. You can feel that immediately. We had coffee together and had a really nice talk. Later we went to the village. This hospitality is simply indescribable. Although they do not have much, everything was paid from them, I was invited. Meanwhile, it was already getting dark. For Agnes, it was obvious that Martin joined me on my way home, even though we took the matatu.

This evening I have long lain awake in bed, thinking about the afternoon and deep conversations.

Many thanks to Agnes, Martin and Tatiana for the wonderful afternoon.

Today is the day of the Lord. So other than writing the report there won’t be any work. This afternoon I meet Susan, and perhaps Mr. Mutugi and then we will have a “coffee party”.

See you next week