3rd & 4th day in Mombasa

2nd day in Mombasa
8. April 2015
5th day in Mombasa
11. April 2015
More visits…

Yesterday we first went to “Mama Kantana”. She has four boys. One of them is handicapped and goes to a special school, which we had visited on Wednesday I think. Here in the picture you see the youngest son. He was so excited about the things we had brought, particularly about a picture book. While handing out sweets many children were there who all got something.

Daniela has helped Mama Kantana to build a business selling vegetables. Second stop was at Justin’s home. For Daniela, Justin is a big help because he can talk and translate into their native language.
Justin’s children were very excited about the gifts too.

We went to a typical african restaurant for lunch. We ate fish with coconut sauce and Chapati or Ungali.
Late in the afternoon we drove to Kashani. There is an orphanage of Shining Orphans Children’s Home, a German association. The couple Müller from Kirchhain is the initiator of this Ophanage and both have helped me with many tips to found our association Home of Smile.

We were warmly greeted by the children with singing and dancing performances. During the following tour, we were informed in great detail about the home.
Another day went by with many new meetings and impressions.

Today, Justin and I picked up Daniela at home and then we went to “Mama Rashid”, or rather walked. She has three guys and a girl. Rashid, one of the guys is deaf. “Mama Rashid” has cooked for us rice with chicken, delicious !! Again, the challenges were discussed, as well as the next step. With a full stomach and the tuk-tuk, we continued to the old woman who had bought us food and charcoal. She told Daniela that she is better again and only the leg causes problems. But she won’t go into a hospital. Next stop, “Mama Bora”.

She has two girls and two boys. Over a cup of tea, the updates were discussed and also regional news were exchanged. It was almost dark when we got back home. Over a cup of tea or a juice, we ended the day.

There are always long distances that must be traveled, because the families live in different districts of Mombasa. Daniela and Justin walk many routes by foot, but often they have to take a vehicle, which then is very expensive on a continuing basis.

I hope that many people support Daniela with her project “Daniela’s Africa”. She is for many people here, a woman who listens to them, tackles, helps them…….

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