Bake sale in AlphaTecc Simmern, 29th Novemer 2014

Hello dear friends of HoS,
31. October 2014
We’ve got new flyers…
7. December 2014

Yesterday it was the time. Our first cake sale for Home of Smile was agreat success.
We have earned… € 479,20.
For this great result, a sincere God bless you.
Special thanks to Mario Schmitz the market leader in Alphatecc Simmern, who initiated the whole campaign.
Thanks to the whole team from Alphatecc who supported us energetically with homemade cakes and diligently made advertise with customers.
Thank you to the parents of Mario Schmitz, who sold freshly baked cinnamon waffles for us. The whole market smelled the fresh pastries. So even Christmas spirit came on. Great idea.
Thanks to my colleague Gabi Schibber, who came to help us from Neuwied.
Thank you to all friends, family and the Globus Simmern for donating cakes and of course to all those who contributed by buying cake or a donation to this great result.