We’ve got new flyers…

Bake sale in AlphaTecc Simmern, 29th Novemer 2014
30. November 2014
Great news…
10. December 2014
Women power at Home of Smile

The new flyers are ready.
This was organized by Kerstin Jahn, my dear colleague.
For Kerstin it was sure to take in hand the project „flyers for Home of Smile“. Despite her stress at work and the construction of her home she found the time to put everything in next to no time to the final. She has designed the whole layout, then emailed it to Mexico to her girlfriend Melanie, who did the graphics and then it was forwarded to Claudia, who organized the printing.
The three women who not only donated their time, but the entire 5,000 flyers.
For that a very big and heartfelt thank you to Kerstin, Melanie and Claudia.

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