End of the dry spell…

There are some days…
5. August 2017
Kenyans and their distance information
12. August 2017
…Land (water) ahoy

This time I have 27 days, without arrival and departure day, available here in Kenya. I was allowed to wait for 16 days. Today the hoped-for visit finally arrived.
Mr. David N. Muiru from the Rotary Club Nairobi had already set off early today, I think 5:30, to visit Home of Smile. At 9 o’clock he arrived at our court. My heart is jumping with joy… Why?

Mr. Muiru serves several projects for Rotary Club Nairobi and Rotary International, including water projects. After taking a picture of our property and house, we followed a three-hour, intensive work interview. He has made concrete suggestions and phoned with the responisble persons here immediately. We have worked out a work plan for the remaining 10 days. At the same time he gave me many valuable tips and suggestions to avoid future mistakes. Those were the best 3 hours of the past weeks.
The man knows what he is talking about and how to tackle something and make concrete plans. So I still have some homework to do, which I however am glad to make.
Now the plan has to be put into practice. Challenges are already waiting. On Tuesday in Kenya are elections. This means, nothing or not much will happens on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Many shops will close or already have closed.
But I love challenges…

A heartful thanks to Martina Brass from the Rotary Club Simmern, Germany and to her husband Michael Brass from the Rotary Club Ingelheim, Germany.
You have made the contact possible…

A special thanks to Mr. David N. Muiru, who took the time and the long way to support Home of Smile.
Last but not least, THANKS to you all, because without your love for the children here this all would not be possible.
You are all a gift for the world…
Have a nice sun day

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