Outside work….
25. February 2017
It is moving forward…
14. March 2017
Monika Korsch and Sven Rauscher…

have taken over the sponsorship for Frieda and Brenda.
Thank you very much both for this wonderful commitment to Home of Smile. With your sponsorship, you are preparing the way for Frieda and Brenda to a better future.
Sven, thank you again for your help in Kenya. You left your company for 7 weeks to give the children in Kenya a colorful home. You know Brenda from the first minute she came to Home of Smile. That you are the one who overtakes the sponsorship for Brenda now makes me very happy. You have left marks in the Home of Smile and Brenda and the other children will fill these marks with joy.

Monika also thank you for your willingness to give children in Africa a chance for a better life. I wish you that you will come visit Frieda one day, so that she will be able to see what a wonderful person has given her this opportunity.

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