Back again…

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23. May 2017
Sharing our presents- part 2
22. July 2017
What shall I say?

Since yesterday, I am back in Kenya again.
I went working on Wednesday morning and in the evening I went on my way to Kenya. I have arrived well again. The joy was great as it was a surprise. Succeeded …
This morning after the breakfast we had a briefing first and planned how the next 4 weeks will continue. The most important project is the water project. I will meet next week with experts to look what is feasible. Our water storage is coming to an end again, so it is clear what is the highest priority.

I have already eaten our first bananas and our own avocados yesterday and today.
They taste so good…
The corn can also be harvested next week, just like the potatoes. The rest looks thin at the moment because we lack water for irrigation.
The chickens grow magnificently and the cock does good work.
We want to build a goat’s stable and buy a goat couple. They can then also take care of a new generation.
Toys will be bought, the guest house wants to be finished and so on.
The next 4 weeks are filled out.

As you can see in the pictures, the children are doing very well and they are blossoming right, this makes my heart smile.

So please have a look at our webpage over and ob´ver again for the next 4 weeks, there will be a lot of new information.

I would like to express a special thanks to Michael Weichler.
Michael made it possible, that I could fly now already. He sponsored the flight and the taxi.
I got again unpaid leave for these 4 weeks; also many thanks to the management of AMAZON Koblenz GmbH, which enabled me to do so.
Without such great people as you all are, the help here would not be possible.
Thank you all