Change of location

An exciting week…
4. April 2015
2nd day in Mombasa
8. April 2015
… last day in Embu

Monday was the last day in Embu. We once again drove out to take a look at an object, which we had taken to the short list. On request at the local people there, we realized that we want to settle down here. We had met with the mayor, who was willing to welcome us warmly on easter monday, which is a public holiday, also in Kenya. He will help us with all his power that we can settle in his community.

In this context, I would also like to thank Pastor John Macharia and his wife woman minister Mary Gacheru and thank Mr. Mutugi, who also have taken their time for our project and travelled the whole day with me on Easter Monday. Later we discussed and examined until late in the evening, which one is the better option.

Then I quickly packed my bags and my day began again this morning at 5 clock. By plane, I went to Mombasa, where I was warmly welcomed by Daniela Ernst from the organization Daniela’s Africa. From the airport we went on to the state nursing home, the church union nursing home, visited families in the slums and an old woman, who was called to Daniela.

These were emotional moments for me, which touched me. If you have experienced and smelled all this for real, how the people have to live here, then you really understand what an important and hard work Daniela Ernst is doing here. Work, that often goes to the very limits of the possible. For many people here, especially the old, the disabled and children, Daniela is the last hope. If you then see the smile in the eyes of people when Daniela is there. This is indescribable.

Daniela, “Kudos” to you for what you achieve! You find more information about Daniela’s Africa on Facebook and soon with an own homepage.

Let’s see what she has planned for me tomorrow…

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