2nd day in Mombasa

Change of location
7. April 2015
3rd & 4th day in Mombasa
10. April 2015
New impressions…

This morning we visited a school for disabled. This school is sponsored by an Indian from here, who has a large cement plant, and he has built this and other schools.

There are living children with all types of disabilities together. What the staff achieves there is enormous, and all that for 3 Euros per day. Without these people, the children would be lost. Daniela has placed 2 children there. Children who were exposed by parents who were overextended.

You won’t find words for that. I stood there with tears in my eyes.

In the afternoon we went to small Daniela and her family. Small Daniela has overcome her illness very well and grows now gorgeous. We had again long conversations with the parents about all the upcoming challenges. The families we have visited all live only in a small room, about 10m² in size. When you walk through this area and the acrid smell accommodates to you and you see the dirt, you wonder how these people survive. A room costs here e.g. around 30 euros. It was nice for Daniela Ernst to see the progress there. This gives her the energy and motivation to help.

At the next family it did not go well. Yesterday we were there and it was „tidy and cleaned up“. Today it looked like in a hoarding apartment. The mother has probably started drinking again. Daniela brought the 5 children to a boarding school. Such a setback is not easy to cope with. Daniela told me about the history of the family and how much energy it had cost her until now. I can not describe it here.

Then we went to the old woman, who we met yesterday to gave her the medicine. Her eyes were glaring and she told us that the pain is almost gone. We have again brought her food. The challenges with the 3 grandchildren will Daniela pursue tomorrow. The old woman can not get up, probably fell and broke something. Her foot is also showing in a different direction. She crawls across the floor, as she can no longer walk. Daniela tries to find a hospital, which helps the old woman. Before that she has to be washed thoroughly, otherwise no hospital would take her.

Another day comes to an end with many new impressions. We do not appreciate enough how good life is to us…..

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