An exciting week…

First week in Kenya
29. March 2015
Change of location
7. April 2015
… comes to an end

This week began, as the previous week ended. Most of the time I spent with relaxing, bit of a walk, visited the orphanage and relaxed in the hotel and waited.

Then on Wednesday the long-awaited sign came. It is noon, I sit outside away from the busy entrance with my laptop, as a man spoke to me “Hello nice to meet you” and handed me his business card. He went back into the restaurant. I read what was on the card, but could not really deal with the situation. “Why did this man gave me his business card?“, I looked around the corner, „he was actually not able to see me,” were my thoughts. It lasted approx. 5 minutes until I came to my mind, to give him the business card of Home of Smile. I quickly dashed to my room, took out a business card and handed it to him. Back at my place I was working again, although my thoughts were with this man. A short time later he came and sat down at my table. We chatted and when he heard that I come from Germany, he told me that his wife had been working for a year in Germany. He immediately called her and I talked with her. Then he invited me to their home so that I could get to know his wife. We drove in his car to Embu, picked up his wife and went to a restaurant. After I had told both the vision of Home of Smile, they agreed to assist us. He, John, is pastor of the World Wide Gospel Church and his wife, Mary, is a nurse. During our conversation it appeared, they knew the area around Embu very good, also what concerns land, and what you should definitely pay attention to. John and Mary showed me their church and took me back to the hotel again and insured me that they would look with me at different objects on Saturday.

Thursday a meeting with my friend Mr. Mutugi was announced.

Good friday afternoon I went to church which started at 12 clock. They went the crossroad, which was 7 km long. Myself, however, did not appear until 15 clock to the fair, which went up till 17 clock.

Yes, and today Mary, John, Mr. Mutugi and I had a look at different objects. One of them is very, very interesting. We will take a closer look at it again on Monday and also at the environment.

On Sunday I will go with the children from the orphanage in an Anglican service.
Conclusion of the week: You have to be willing to recognize the signs.

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