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18. March 2017
Kids for kids
23. May 2017
I have been back again in Germany for a week already…

We got many things done during the four weeks in Kenya.
The Guesthouse is finished so far. Some small things are still missing, like the bathroom door, the curtains or the doors under the sink. The corn harvest was very good. Within the next days there will be built a storage room next to the tower. The bathrooms of the children are also now functional. Shelves were built in the storage room next to the kitchen. Now the exterior wall at the gate will be plastered. The well was walled in and got a lockable lid. Swing and carrousel were concreted.
Now we hope that the water project can start next week. For this purpose, a new line is laid from the main road to our home, which is about 800 m away. All landowners will be able to use it. They only need to dig the ditch on their property and pay the line for their property. So it will be affordable for everyone. If everything goes well, and I hope for it, we will have drinking water at the end of October.

At this point I would like to thank Michael Weichler from Düsseldorf. He sponsored my travel expenses.

Many thanks also to the location manager Nikolai Lisak and the management at Amazon Koblenz GmbH. They had approved the four-week unpaid leave and the Amazon Koblenz GmbH donated a donation to Home of Smile.
Last but not least, a heartful thanks to Y O U. You all help with giving children from the other side of the world a chance for a better life.
God bless you

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