5th day in Mombasa

3rd & 4th day in Mombasa
10. April 2015
Last day in Mombasa
12. April 2015
A beautiful day until…

Today was a special day. Daniela had invited all of the families she takes care of to the mother-in-law of “Mama Kantana”. Almost all of them came. The food was brought by Daniela and the women have prepared everything together. For Daniela it is important that the families get to know each other. Also she pays for the transport. In the meantime, while the women were preparing the dinner, we went to a school where two of the children go to. Daniela was invited by the director to take part of the celebration of the “school closure”. The children now have summer vacation. In this closing ceremony, the best students are called, the last term will be reviewed and presentations were held. Daniela had to present her project and after that we went back. The director was also impressed by her work.
We quickly bought cold drinks and then went to dinner. In the many conversations with the families Daniela told me that for the little 4 year old Patrick a godparent was not yet found. Patrick is one of four children. He and one of his brothers are DEAF-MUTE!! His sister and another brother go to school. A godfather now has been found for his deaf brother, so that he from now on can go to a special school for deaf children. Only Patrick has nobody that supports him.

I watched him all afternoon, and even though the other children would take him to play with them, he was often standing offside. I hope Daniela quickly finds a sponsor for Patrick.

Then we saw that the father of Baby Daniela’s mum has a very thick swollen hand that had to be very painful. On demand we found out: He is 59 years old, he lives alone, since April 01 he stays in his room only, went no longer outisde and was totally emaciated. Daniela arranged immediately that he goes to the hospital with us tonight. He has worked for 19 years at the same restaurant as a cook under the most adverse conditions. He can not read or write like many people here, and so he is easy “prey”. His payment a month is 5000 KES, which is about 50 euros. He has no money to go to the doctor. He had caught a virus, which is actually nothing bad. But since he has no money for the tests, he stays at home. At the hospital, his hand was cut quick. He now has to go there for five days to clean it up and take a look at his hand. Daniela has paid the bill. 4750 KES, converted 47 euros. When it came to weighing we found out that he only weighed 39 kg. He was only skin and bone. Daniela has bought food for him and takes a look at him in the next days.

The mother-in-law also came with us to the check up at the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well either. She needs to be fit though, because with there are living five children with her which she is taking care of…

These are the moments when I’m totally stunned and think…

Still, it was again a great day, because these small successes makes up the work from here…

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