1000 km cycling through Germany…

16. March 2016
Time has come…
30. June 2016

Here is a short summary of a great action of Gaby and Klaus Piepenstock.
You find detailed reports and more pictures on Facebook: Home-of-Smile

HAPPY END of our bike tour – we cycled 1000 km through Germany for www.homeofsmile.com
We just arrived happily at home after 1,273 total kilometers and a driving time of 77:29 h. Our journey took us from Augsburg over Lake Constance along the Rhine all the way up to Mainz and then along the Main river towards Bamberg. From Bamberg we took the train home this morning. Along the way we have encountered many, nice, helpful and interesting people, so our trip was a real asset again. Now the travel budget is empty and the first washing machine is running. Time to say sincere thanks to all those who were so motivating, supportive and always diligently donating and followed up on this trip. We never would have expected that such a high donation amount = 1326.00 € comes together. It’s a nice feeling to be jointly involved with you in the building of an orphanage in Africa that will be a home full of love and security for 25 children. At the same time we would like also to thank our fond friend “Achim Fuchs” (founder of Home of Smile), who called this wonderful project to life. Nice that there are people like YOU. We didn’t missed out on anything on our drive… but now feel infinitely rich. Themed: “renunciation makes rich” donations are currently still coming in because some of our motivators wanted to donate at the end of the trip. However, we will keep you definitely up to date !!!
Fired with love, warmth and endless gratitude we wish all of you a RICH Sunday
Gaby and Klaus Piepenstock