Only one more night…

No boredom…
5. February 2017
Our last Sunday…
12. February 2017

Then the time has come….

It is only less than a week left to get a few things done.
Sven will probably finish painting the kitchen tomorrow. Then he has reached his self-imposed goal.
I only want to say thank you. What Sven has done and worked in the past 6 weeks is unbelievable. He then spent a total of 7 weeks here in Kenya to create a colorful Home of Smile and left thereby his own company behind. This is absolutely brilliant.
A heartfelt thanks to Svens family, who have supported him, otherwise it would not have been possible.
Siggi has finished painting the gate. He is now a furniture maker. He is making the cabinets for the children’s rooms.
It is amazing how versatile this man is.
A big compliment and a heartfelt thanks to you Siggi. You are now here for 5 weeks already and have helped with everything. You have done all kind of work, whether beautiful or unsightly. 5 weeks of unusual physical work to do in unfamiliar attitude but always with a smile… I can learn a lot from you.
Also a very dear and heartfelt thanks to you dear family Bauer, who missed out for 6 weeks on your father and dear husband, so that he can help to create a beautiful Home of Smile.

Dear Tina, also thank you for the 2 weeks you have joined us here. You freed windows and doors from the fixed cement from morning till evening everyday for one week, which was not really an exciting work. You always took it with humor and just like Sven and Siggi, you endure my whims when it did not go as I imagined… and that was often the case… 🙂 A heartfelt thanks…

Since 2.5 days we are without electricity and master the challenges with bravura.The tank is here, the tower finished, the entrance gate is set. In the inside all rooms are ready for occupancy. At the outside people are still working hard so the land looks beautiful. Everything has to be made equal and gravel has to be spread.
And tomorrow……..
Tomorrow the first two children will move in.

A dream (a vision) comes true.
I would like to thank all of you who have supported me and Home of Smile, who have contributed me and my vision, no matter in which way.
Without each one of you, Home of Smile would have never become reality.
All of you help to give children from another continent, thousands of miles away from your home, a home. This gives children the chance, we have had, to grow up in love and security, with food, clothing, school education and medical care.
You all are role models for quite a few people…
You all are a huge gift for the world…


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