An exciting week comes to its end…

An exciting week starts…
10. January 2017
19. January 2017

Two weeks are already over…

It was a really exciting week in every sense… 🙂
First of all, Tina left us after two weeks and returned well to Germany.
This week we have made a huge step forward. So far everything is tiled except for the two bathrooms. The borders around the floor tiles have to be partly installed but otherwise they’re finished. In three rooms the ceilings are already finished. The roof is still not finished. The kitchen has yet to be finished. On Monday we can start with the preparatory work for the painting. So far we are very well on schedule. Yesterday and today there was a power failure. The installer still needs some time. I hope that we will finally have a working toilet and shower by the end of this week.
Also, we are the first to have a storage space under the earth. The foundation for the 10,000 ltr. tank is used for this purpose. Normally they wanted to close the hole with earth again. Then I came to the idea that we can lay bricks 2.5 m x 2.5 m and use this area. Our Kenyan construction workers have smiled while doing this work, but created a fantastic space.
Siggi and I went for a morning pint around noon. Afterwards, we enjoyed the sun while relaxing and watched the stars in the sky this evening. On time for dinner we had electricity again. Susan had already prepared the food on the gas cooker.
We wish you a wonderful start to the new week ….
Thanks to Tina for the 14 days help here in Kenya
A special applause for Sven, who was really hard working… 🙂
An advance compliment to Siggi, who has supported us already for one week and has integrated super into the team… 🙂
Sven and Siggi are working and I am driving around the area…
This is called task distribution …. 🙂