Does the weather stay like this?

It continues…
3. November 2015
A request…
7. November 2015

Done… literally

I am also done. The last few days have absorbed me quite complete. From Monday till Thursday we were on the move until late at night. When we were done on the property it went on my my room with accounting, writing protocols and preparations for the next day. Since Monday I ate only breakfast and bananas with white bread. The Kenyan love white bread. For me, I had enough for the next couple of months. We finished last night at 6:45 pm, it was already dark.

We made it!!!!!!

The entire property is fenced and also we tinkered a gate. I am overjoyed. We have done incredible things in these two weeks and one day.

In the morning it had not seemed as if we could do that. It rained in torrents, we were all soaking wet. We had to interrupt the work. Approximately 1 hour later we went working again. The sky had bear with us and kept his locks.
Thanks to the whole team and the many volunteers.
The architect was here today to take a look at the property. We discussed details and discussed about change request for the building plan. He was also impressed by the beautiful property.

Today a lot of paperwork and office visits were waiting for me, which were also very successful. Tomorrow there will be a couple of small meetings and on Sunday then a final meeting.

Monday…… no I’m not thinking about you now

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I see you will have nice weather, so enjoy it…