To put the foundation stone for the children on location, we are dependent on your help. Without your donations, sponsorships and without help in various ways we are not able to help. Therefore we ask you with all our hearts to support us.

The work in our small association is done by volunteers.

Through this the necessary administrative cost is very low in relation to a large donation organization. Due to our steady engagement the donations will reach the children to 100 %.

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We are very happy about even the smallest amount.

Holder: Home of Smile e. V.
Intended purpose: Orphanage in Kenya
Bank: Raiffeisenbank eG Kastellaun

IBAN: DE14 5606 1151 0005 0370 72

“Children are like little suns that miraculously bring warmth, joy and light into our lives.”

Donations account:
Home of Smile, Intended purpose: Orphanage in Kenya, Bank: Raiffeisenbank eG Kastellaun, BIC: GEN0DED1KSL, IBAN: DE14 5606 1151 0005 0370 72

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YOU also can help: Even the smallest amount will be gratefully accepted and always helps us in our work a little bit further.

"Every child is a hope that the earth has a future".

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