Our Team

“Home of Smile registered association”  consists of two major components:

On the one hand there is the registered, non-profit association, which with its members, regardless of whether passively or actively makes our work possible. He forms the legal and financial base for any project which shall be launched.

The second part is of course the team that is well attuned to each other because of their completely different previous work and they all pursue the same objective.

Achim Fuchs

- Initiator of “Home of Smile”

- 1st chairman

Nadine Awier

- Founder member of “Home of Smile”,

- 2st chairman

- Secretary

- In Charge of the translation in English

Philipp Awier

- Founder member of “Home of Smile”

- Treasurer

René Fuchs

- Founder member of “Home of Smile”

- Revisor

Gert Ruban

- Founder member of “Home of Smile”

- Revisor

Especially important for us is that both in the association and in the team an open, constructive and creative exchange of opinions can take place, which we all feel as personal enrichment and which shows us again and again how much we appreciate and respect each other. Because no matter how controversial some cases will be discussed, everyone should keep in mind:

Where the respect for humans is missing, such an honorary work is not possible at all!

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