The project

Home of Smile registered association is a young association with the vision to give orphans and street children in Kenya a new home. Initially this new home will be a home for 25 children. It will be built near Mount Kenya. That’s about 130 kilometers northeast of Nairobi.

It is very important for us that the children no longer have to starve, drink clean water, go to kindergarten or school, medical care is guaranteed, in short that they grow up in a loving home and can develop themselves.

Our project is designed to help themselves on their own. This means we create opportunities and provide advice and support.
Our present goal is to acquire a plot of land with a house, or on which a house can be built. Further they are supposed to run their own farm to be independent from the economic situation of the country. Corn, fruits and vegetables are to be grown and harvested. Also cows, goats and chickens are kept, surplus is sold in the local market, thus creating a source of income.

I visited other orphanages in the two months I was in Kenya and let them explain to me how they work and saw that it works this way.

We cannot cope this alone and need your support.

We can only achieve this goal with your help. Support us to give a better future to the children.

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