How it all began...

Homeofsmile the beginning

In January 2013 I took over a sponsorship for a girl from an orphanage in Kimweas (near Embu) in Kenya. The organization gave me information about the “Josephine Wambui orphanage” and the everyday life there.

I flew there with my 17-year-old daughter in July to get myself an idea on the spot.

With four large suitcases full of donations with sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, balls and more we were warmly welcomed. We stayed there for 14 days and it should remain an unforgettable experience.

In December 2013 I flew back there for 2 months. This time, however, to help with the construction of several rooms, toilets, a septic tank, a washroom etc.

Homeofsmile the structure

The rooms were urgently needed for the 12 girls and 11 boys aged 7-16 to don’t have to live in two small rooms together. In those two months I was able to witness how important it is for these children to grow up in an orphanage that gives them love, security and protection. There they learn to take care for each other, they go to school together, play and make their home and household tasks together. In short, they help each other.

Back at home in Germany, I realized quickly that I want to help more. In my family, friends, acquaintances and work colleagues I found support promptly.

We have founded the registered association “Home of Smile”.

With this organization we want to help destitute children, whose parents died of diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS etc. Many of these orphans live on the street, uneducated, impoverished, forsaken by the society, let alone, abused and exploited.

We want to give them a home, where they are loved, secured and protected. They shall get a school education, be promoted according their skills, receive a fair chance to develop into independent, self-confident people who are valuable to the community, whether in training or in job.

We need your support as a donor, promoter or sponsor. Please help us to give the children a decent life.

Of course, we all are volunteers, so your donations will reach the children to 100 %.

Thank you very much,
Achim Fuchs