Camino de Santiago

“The Camino de Santiago begins wherever a pilgrim starts his way.”

For me the Camino de Santiago is a symbol for life. It consists of an enormous network of trails. Sometimes there are paths, trails, roads that come from various regions of Europe and lead through Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

Just like the actual life consists from different ways. There are times when I step on the spot, I'm progressing quite arduous, as well as on trails. Then the hope is springing up again and things are looking up, as on trails, yet cumbersome, but better. And then there are times again when everything works out just fine, like on well fully developed roads.


On the Camino de Santiago I can be alone, but also talk with many people from different countries about my project and draw attention.


I want to inspire you with my way to help people who need your help and support, no matter what race or religion they are.


There are many ways to do so, maybe through listening, a visit, a phone call or material help, everyone can do something.
We all need help.

I want to show my friends in Kenya that I’m with them every day.

It’s a long way (about 800 km), which will be paved for me with many different experiences, emotions, impressions, pain, joy, the want to give up, motivation, help and much more. It’s just the same as the everyday life for the children in Kenya looks like.

I want to give the children hope and show them that there are people who believe in them and support them. That it is worth to keep up and to believe in oneself every day. Encourage them that they’ll achieve the goals they set themselves.

If you really want you can achieve everything in life. This is my firm conviction. Alone this is very, very difficult. I need your help to give the children a life worth living!

Please support our project.

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