It is moving forward...

Maxwell, Frieda and Brenda
Maxwell, Frieda and Brenda

Four weeks later...

We have some news. The maize has been harvested, the farm has been prepared for the new season and now we are waiting for the rain. The wall has also been finished. The walkway around the house has beeen concreted. The front part of the farm was fenced with a chain-link fence so that our chickens, which are still to come, will not run away, and the neighbour's chickens can not pick up our seed.
We also have a new resident at Home of Smile. It's a boy, Maxwell and he's 5 years old.
All three children go to school now. In the next few days there will be 2 more children, more to come later. The preparations for the registration run on high tours. It will take some time for the process to complete. Water is still our greatest challenge. We had to buy a water delivery by truck again. Otherwise, all are well and make a happy impression.

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