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Our last Sunday…
12. February 2017
Only a few days left…
14. February 2017

…für diese Tour war es unser letzter Sonntag.

The cup (picture) was purchased together with others for the orphanage Today lunch was served in it, fruit salad (passion fruit, mango and banana). And then I discovered the spell.
This could have been a reason why Achim started building an orphanage. After seeing how important such a home is for the orphans in their own home country. And he only wanted to know how the orphan lives, for whom he took over a sponsorship and what was financed with this money.
He didn’t wonder “how he could do that”, but rather “it has to happen somthing”.
And he has started without knowing what would happen. That was about 3 years ago.
Today, three days before the official inauguration of the orphanage, two children have already moved in. At the beginning, two female employees, Suzie and Milisan, will be there for 24 h, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for the probably soon increasing number of children. The farm is managed by the young Ben for 6 days the week. As the number increases, more helpers will be needed.
His dream is now reality. He tried and it happened!
Tina, Sven and I were allowed to accompany him a little bit of his way. And we were able to see how children feel, who were sleeping in a bed for the first time at the age of six, ate up brimful filled plates, cleaned their teeth, and were happy about clothes, which were brought. …as I said, everything for the first time!
We need to support people like Achim Fuchs and his Home Of Smile. So please share this post with your Facebook friends so that many people can be reached. Ultimately, with the desire and request for financial support.
All information can be accessed via sYour financial means arrive directly and without detours where they are needed. On site!
Tax-deductible donation certificates are issued.
And when you, your friends and their friends, etc., donate so much that the bank account needs to be expanded, do not worry. Achim will open up a second one smoothly. He knows now that and how it goes on…!
Oh yes… still a small emotional contribution. Taken out of context, but the statement of little Brenda, today on the third day, speaks for itself:
“Why didn’t you take me here earlier?”
And now please send it to your friends.
Thank you!

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