Very special hours…
11. December 2016
We will be complete…
8. January 2017

Hello my dears,,

we have been here for a week now.
The New Year has begun as the old one ended. The first windows already shine…
Tina and Sven were very diligent all week. Tina freed the windows and doors from plastering and cement. Sven has meticulously cleaned the walls. I’ve been busy the whole week with meetings, planning the next weeks, working on past debts from last year and driving around to organize material…
Tomorrow we will gain reinforcement, Siegbert comes, and will support us for the next 6 weeks.
Next week starts for me with a meeting again. However, workers will start on Monday. The water installer is already at work. Also the tilers come, a group will stuff the last holes between the roof and the walls and a frame will be concreted for another 10,000 ltr. tank, which is responsible for the water supply in the house.
It will definitely be very stressful and exciting 6 weeks.
Tina has already posted pictures….
May you all have a nice Sunday
We will definitely be sitting in the shade tomorrow and enjoy this warm weather with sun from morning to night 🙂

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