I will return to Germany…

Time is running out…
18. September 2016
Next step…
30. September 2016

Now the time has come…

I am sitting at the airport of Nairobi and waiting for my return flight.

Tears come up, I do not know if I should be happy or cry. It’s a weird feeling…
Yes I want back… no, I want to stay here… it’s an uncanny feeling which overwhelms me, hardly to describe. The last 3 months a lot has happened in my life. I was allowed to do so many experiences, good and less good. It was often an up and down and sometimes I thought I could not make it. I discussed all night long with Susan some time, asked me again and again what is this situation for. Often found no answer.Very often pushed me to my limits and sometimes beyond them.
The result can be shown, even if I have not achieved what I wanted. Until this noon, I was on the construction site. The roof is not yet closed, the glazier wants to start his work tomorrow, gables still have to be walled, doors set and much more. Who knows me knows, that does not really satisfy me, but I can not change it.
Overall, I think we have come very far.
All this was only possible with your help.
For that I would like to thank you again.
Now a lot of work is waiting for me in Germany, so that I can return to Kenya as soon as possible to finish everything so the children can come.
3 months Kenya have left their traces… I am trapped, captured by the country with its infinite diversity, with this deep gratitude that has been brought to me everywhere here, the mindfulness with which the people meet each other, if you are open for them, the many opposites, this serenity, the steadfast faith, to show only a few aspects. Gerhard and Rita who continue their trip today also said that nobody would believe what happens here anyway. True. You must have experienced it.
I was lucky enough to make these experiences.
For this I am deeply grateful.
In 13 hours I will be back in another world.
With the distance then it will be more bearable for me …

Thanks to all who have supported me and Home of Smile and hopefully continue to do so, no matter in what form.

Asanti sana