Time is running out…

Roofing ceremony…
16. September 2016
I will return to Germany…
21. September 2016

Only two and a half days left….

On Saturday morning it was already a hustle on the construction site before eight o’clock. It was the first time in those almost three months that the worker started to work before eight in the morning. I was enormous pleased.
Then I had a normal day: checked water, but we still didn’t received any water. So I had to call, they promised, call again, they still promised and so on… By now it is Saturday night and still no water, today we had none either. The workers did some more plastering and set up the sheets from the roof, the paver also started his work. Rita and Gerhard started to paint the windows….
At noon we were invited to lunch, so quickly changed clothes and on we went for lunch. Late afternoon we returned to the site to pay the guys and see how far the work has progressed. Along the way, we were caught up by a traffic jam in Embu for more than an hour, because a politician gave his speech on a car and blocked the whole road. No getting through.
We reached the site after 5 pm. The most thing I worry about is the roof, because it is still not closed.
This morning we first went to the construction site again. Rita and Gerhard painted further windows. Four workers have come to plaster and set up doors. As we are about to leave at 11 am, the paver arrived.
For me today is a special afternoon…
Susan invited me to her parents home for lunch. The whole family or the greater part of them will be there to meet me. How did that happen?
Susan will get married. She had invited me to her “trousseau party”. In this festival the bride’s parents meet the groom’s parents for the first time. Traditionally the dowry was negotiated at this meeting. More than 300 guests, so the whole village, is invited. They waited with this party until I would be in Kenya. The plan was to have it earlier but I only arrived in July. Unfortunately, I just had to leave Kenya in this week and go back to Germany for the well known reasons.
For this reason she held this family reunion especially for me today. I can tell you, it was a wonderful afternoon with very kind people who have accepted me into their family.
I was very happy and had a lot of fun.
Tomorrow I will only have 2.5 days left here in Kenya. I do not know where to start. It will again be a busy one, with the hope that the roof will be closed on Wednesday afternoon.
I wish all of you a fantastic start to the new week. Some of you I’ll see in Erlangen, which I look forward to…

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