Good news...bad news...

This week was tough....

On Monday the final preparations were on to start on Tuesday with the set of the first wall series. This is set in mortar. All other rows of stones are set without anything. Through the serration on the stone, it is connected tightly to the other stones. So we set the exterior walls on Tuesday and on Wednesday it was the turn of the inner walls. The long-awaited electricity has also come, so that the welding work on the roof could go on as well. As of Thursday it went quickly forward. By Saturday we were finished so that the first windows could be set. Also the roof construction is already welded diligently.
Since my mother passed away on Friday, I stopped the work on site and I am on my way back to Germany. I'll get back when we will continue again.
At this point again a heartfelt thank you for your support without this project could not be filled with life.

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