Slowly we are getting started...

Briefing on the property
Briefing on the property

No hurry in Africa...

after we went to the property yesterday and discussed everything, it was all about putting it all into action today.
This morning we first went to the water office. We applied and paid for a water pipe and a water meter. Then met the waterworks engineer, and looked what is possbile on the property. From the first 200 m ditch it became 420 m ditch, which has to be digged by hand,1 m deep. After that I went to Embu to a phone shop for repairing my phone. Was probably their fault that it didn't work, but the main thing is it works again. We had to go shop a few more things and go to the school Jane visits, my goddaughter. We had a talk with the director and found out that Jane does very well in school. She was allowed to come to us and say "hi" even though she is writing her final. She hugged me quite strong and is looking forward to August when she has 14 days vacation and we can do a lot together. While our lunch at 15:30 we had a nice conversation with the taxi driver. Afterwards we went home to start preparing everything for Monday. Time is running twice as fast as at home, at least this is my feeling. You see line ups everywhere,just like in the DDR's time. Here the people have plenty of time .... no hurry in Kenya ... :)
Yesterday we harvested the first fruits of the Home of Smile Farm. Sweet potatoes, avocados and corn... in the evening we cooked and ate them directly... yummy..
Monday we start..... that's the plan ...

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