Nice surprise...

Where do I start.....

I am totally exhausted by today but I am overjoyed.
Because there are so many wonderful and lovely people who share their happiness and help others who are not doing so well.
I have visited since October 2013 four seminars of Christian Bischoff, which is a motivational coach. At these seminars, I got to know so many nice and attentive people.
Gaby Piepenstock is such a nice person. I met Gaby since then 4 or 5 times. We talked and I told her my story. Since that time, Gaby supported Home of Smile wherever she can.
She has sold cartons on Ebay in favor for Home of Smile. She earned 50 euros for that. At the last seminar last weekend she gave me a guardian angel who was carrying a rolled 50 Euro bill around his neck. As I unpacked it, it was not 50 euros but 120 euros. She has presented Home of Smile to her company, and so the company "Piepenstock Metal System GmbH" in Lüdenscheid donated 1,500 euros for Home of Smile. She has also presented Home of Smile at their company christmas party yesterday and the employees have donated fabulous 330.50 euros.
Gaby, you're amazing !!!
Your family can be proud of you.

Thank you very much for the whole family Piepenstock, to the company Piepenstock Metal System GmbH and the workforce of the company for this much dedication.
You let children's hearts beat faster in Kenya

God bless you