We did it...

Our bouquet for buying the property
Our bouquet for buying the property

Our property...

…yyyeeeahhh we bought it.

Home of Smile has its own property. The foundation has been laid. After long discussions, the seller has come to oblige us. ”It’s all for a good cause,” he said.

Now the paperwork follows ….

Today we went to the property to fix the border and marked it with concreted steel.

We haven’t been there for about half an hour and already the whole neighborhood came to see what is happening here. We were welcomed by all sides. When mixing the concrete a man came right away, grapped himself a shovel and helped us. He helped us to bring the concrete to the other end of the property, which is about 125 m away. He stayed with us until we were finished. Of course we gave him an obolus, which he was thrilled about.

Another neighbor has brought a new shovel, because one of ours was broken. And at another neighbor’s we got water and even a couple of shovels of sand, because we had not enough.

Maybe I had the holes made too large J

Anyway, we are very happy…